Hey, Rinjani Hiking addicts! Why is Hiking Addictive?

People who have been up the mountain will repeat the activity over and over again. Isn’t it dangerous? Addiction is not always bad, it turns out that mountain hiking can be addictive. Addiction is a repetitive behavior that has a dependent effect on the perpetrator. So, why does this happen? Because of the role of happiness hormones in the human body called dopamine and endorphin. Therefore, do not be surprised by people who often climb mountains.

This addiction can be divided into two categories. The first is positive addictions such as hobbies, sports, and traveling. The second is negative addictions such as alcohol and narcotics. Meanwhile, mountain climbing is a positive type of addiction where the activity of climbing the mountain gets three happiness at once. The happiness of channeling hobbies, sweating out exercise, and traveling through nature.

Get to know the 5 activities that make you addicted, we summarize them specifically for every parman trekker reader.

Mountain Hiking

It is a fact that someone who has hiked a mountain one day will repeat it. How come, isn’t mountain hiking quite tiring? It’s true, the activity will expend great energy. But believe me that the fatigue during the climb will be replaced with satisfaction, once you manage to reach the top of the mountain. Strangely enough, you don’t feel tired even though you have just passed a steep road, climbed rocks, and even held tree branches during the journey.

People who successfully hike up a mountain instantly experience a rapid increase in endorphins. The feeling of fatigue is replaced with a deep sense of happiness and awe at the beauty of nature that is so beautiful. How not to be amazed, seeing a clear view of the sunrise on the top of the mountain? Rest assured, after that you will be addicted to repeating the mountain climb many times.

 Camping and Outbound

This camping and outbound activity is indeed addictive. Both of these activities are done outdoors. The excitement of camping whose activity is to make this tent has a deep impression. Imagine what it feels like to sleep in a tent with colleagues. Exciting isn’t it? Meanwhile, Outbound, which is also an outdoor activity, can make all participants compact. And these two activities, camping and outbound, both involve teamwork in achieving their goals.

How does outbound work make participants addicted? That is by involving joint participation. The success of this activity depends on the cohesiveness of the participants. the more compact in doing this activity, the happier the participants will be.


If you think exercise is a tiring activity, that’s a wrong assumption. Just ask people who regularly do morning runs. Why do they keep doing it despite the energy expenditure? It’s because of the addictive effect of exercise itself. People who exercise often feel happiness and peace of mind. after sweating, the body will become fitter, healthier, and happier.

It’s a fact that people who exercise regularly don’t go a day without exercising. Even if they don’t do it for just one day, it’s like something is missing from them. Just like an addicted person.

In the Rinjani National Park itself, many sports events have been organized to attract tourists. such as a running sports event called Rinjani100. This event is even counted as a championship that has UTMB points. Because of the magnitude of this event, participants who take part in this championship come from major countries.


Is it true that cooking can make someone addicted? That’s right. You will continue to do this activity repeatedly every time you succeed in making food.

Moreover, the dishes that you serve are liked by many people. A sense of satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure of course. In addition, the challenge of cooking is also not easy. It takes perseverance to learn and practice continuously in making a delicious meal.

Parman Trekker as a professional trekking guide, has served its trekkers with delicious food services. So you don’t have to bother cooking food while on Rinjani. The photo above is of our climbers who get the best service.

Take a look at how happy our hikers are enjoying their delicious breakfast.

Not only food, Parman Trekker team also provides the best facilities during your trip. Among the facilities are tents, chairs, sleeping equipment, and others.


The trip is even more exciting because of the lake on the ascent of Rinjani. This lake is at an altitude of 2009 meters above sea level, while the peak of Mount Rinjani has an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level.

Having calm water makes anyone tempted to swim. And if you decide to swim, you must still prioritize safety, Parman trekker friend.

Swimming is a very healthy sport. What are the benefits of swimming? First, it is good for heart and lung health. The second relieves anxiety and relieves stress and the third is a sports activity. This one activity is indeed addictive. Swimming is an ability that must be mastered because it is a survival skill.


Of the 5 activities that have an addictive and addictive effect on people who do it. It turns out that you can feel all these activities in just one activity, namely climbing mountains. which from one activity can include other activities. What are those activities What are the mountain climbing activities that make you addicted?

  1. Providing the experience of making a tent
  2. Provides Health
  3. Challenging sport
  4. Enjoying the scenery
  5. Gaining emotional tranquility
  6. Getting inspired and motivated
  7. Self-development and gratitude
  8. Swimming in the lake above Mount Rinjani
  9. Cooking on the stove

How do we explain, what is your reason for delaying climbing the mountain? Is it because you are inexperienced? Take it easy, no need to be experienced because we are very experienced and ready to be your best travel companion. All of that is already in Parman Trekker, a professional travel guide to the top of Rinjani who will guide your journey full of excitement with an ecological tourism approach. He has years of experience as a trekking partner to the top of Rinjani.

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