The Public Figure Who Successfully Conquered Mount Rinjani

Mountain climbing is an extreme activity that not many people like. However, several public figures managed to conquer Mount Rinjani.

Several artists and public figures from Indonesia like mountain climbing. Not only do they like it, there are also those who make it a routine activity. Mountain climbing is a sport that brings us closer to nature.

Apart from that, climbing mountains is the most effective means of increasing relationships, you know, Parman trekker friends. Starting from ordinary friendships to finally becoming business partners. There are also those who form environmental care organizations consisting of fellow mountain climbers. How cool is the friendship between mountain climbers?

The Artist Who Conquered Mount Rinjani

Not many artists like this activity. Apart from requiring mental strength, climbing mountains requires patience and persistence. Usually, people who like climbing mountains have calmer and friendlier souls.

So, who are the public figures or artists who have been to Rinjani? We will discuss it specifically for Parman trekker friends.

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Prilly Latuconsina

The Indonesian public is very familiar with this public figure. He is a top artist in Indonesia who has acted in many famous films. Her name is Prilly Latuconsina. We know that this figure is someone who is very busy.

As an artist, Prilly once climbed the peak of Mount Rinjani. What’s even more amazing is that his first moment in conquering the peak of Rinjani was at the age of around 15 years. At that time, Prilly had never climbed a mountain before. You could say, it was climbing a mountain for the first time.

Now with his schedule so busy, this public figure hasn’t been able to make time to come back. However, this proves that this mountain on the island of Lombok has a special attraction.

Igor Saykoji

This public figure is famous for his golden voice. Igor is the vocalist of an Indonesian band called Saykoji. Top Indonesian bands that have released many hit music albums.

Apart from being famous as a band vocalist, Igor has also starred in a cinema film entitled 5 cm. This film tells the story of a group of young men who climb Mount Semeru on the island of Java, Indonesia. This film was a huge success, attracting the largest number of cinema audiences at that time.

Then, the story of Igor and his friends doesn’t only happen in films. Igor once posted a photo on social media while descending Mount Rinjani, Lombok. This young man was seen helping the porter carry the belongings of the Rinjani climbers.

During the climb, Parman friends don’t need to worry if they experience fatigue during the trip. Because there are porters from the Parman trekker team who are ready to serve your climb in Rinjani.

Raline Shah

This artist is Igor Saykoji’s colleague in the film 5 cm, friend Parman Trekker. This public figure even formed a foundation with his fellow climbers. The community and its foundation are also active in environmental issues and forest sustainability.

Raline also posted herself and her friends climbing Mount Rinjani. Then, stop at the very iconic Segara Anak Lake. The lake, which has an altitude of 2009 meters above sea level, is in the Rinjani caldera area.

Parman trekker friends who really want to climb Rinjani, you will pass by the lake which is the object of photos of this public figure. The name of the lake is Lake Segara Anak. This lake has become an icon and a favorite tourist destination before arriving at the top of Rinjani.

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Ira Wibowo

Prilly climbed Mount Rinjani when she was young. Meanwhile, this senior artist did it at a young age.

This legendary artist looks youthful and looks very fit even though he is over 50 years old. She is a female artist from Indonesia who registered herself as a climber to the Rinjani peak. an activity that he had planned for a long time and dreamed of for a long time.

While climbing Rinjani, Ira and a group of other climbers passed other Rinjani tourist destinations such as Plawangan Sembalun. The challenge he experienced during the Rinjani climb was the cold air temperature.

Despite this, this public figure was successful and succeeded in conquering the peak of Rinjani. Well, even older artists can climb Rinjani. Moreover, you are definitely stronger and more capable of conquering Mount Rinjani.

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Mount Rinjani in Lombok has a height of 3726 meters above sea level which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It is the highest volcano and the most beautiful volcano in the world. So it is not surprising that many climbers and public figures are very enthusiastic about conquering the peak of this volcano in Lombok.

If it weren’t for the natural beauty of the forest, it would be impossible for artists to visit this place. This place is a national park and world geopark. Whatever we find during the trip will make us feel amazed by its natural beauty.

Of course, there is fatigue, but it is not comparable to the beautiful experience you get here. In fact, you yourself will forget the time you have passed during the 4-day journey when you are at the top of the mountain.

If even public figures have been here, now it’s your turn. Meanwhile, to get to the top of Rinjani, the method is very easy. You only need to travel to the island of Lombok. And let us provide the best service to accompany your journey to the top of Rinjani. We will accompany you from the moment you leave the airport.

Apart from that, the experienced Parman Trekker team will provide the best facilities so that you can successfully conquer the peak of Rinjani. including providing food, drinks and camping equipment. What is most special, the Parman trekker team is very experienced in taking novice mountain climbers to the peak of the highest mountain in Indonesia.

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