Important Status of Mt. Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park is an area that has an important status. Because of its important status, Rinjani climbers must know it.

It is important to know that there are regulations set during the climb to the top of Rinjani. during the climb, you are prohibited from littering and damaging plants. Even when arriving at the exit of the Rinjani forest, you must report your luggage beforehand.

As a professional Rinjani climbing guide, we need to educate parman trekkers. Our job is not only to take you to the top of Rinjani but to educate you all about Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani National Park

rinjani mountain savanna (photo: wikipedia)

The second-highest volcano in Indonesia is located in the Rinjani National Park with an area of 41,330 hectares on Lombok Island. Previously this area was a wildlife reserve and turned into a national park. Taking the name of Mount Rinjani as the name of the national park.

The condition and shape of the Rinjani National Park area are in the form of hills and mountains with varying heights. And the height of the highest area is the peak of Rinjani with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level.

Wealth of Rinjani National Park

Rinjani National Park has a wealth of ecosystems such as shrubs, forests, savanna grass, and barren areas.

In addition, Rinjani National Park has a wealth of endemic flora and protected fauna. Then, the huge water sources available are an extraordinary wealth owned by the Rinjani National Park. the potential of its geothermal resources is currently very large which is able to supply electrical energy needs.

Hot springs from geothermal water sources have opened up interesting tourist destinations to visit. When climbing the top of Mount Rinjani, you will be presented with a very wide and beautiful view of Lake Segara Anak.

Area with Important Status

Rinjani National Park has four geological sites and Mount Rinjani is the main site. In this article, Parman Trekker will discuss three important statuses of the Rinjani area. The following are the important statuses of the Mount Rinjani National Park area, Lombok

UNESCO Global Geopark

The important status of the Rinjani National Park area was given in 2018. By holding the Global Geopark status, the Rinjani National Park has a geological conservation goal.

Biosphere Reserve

Rinjani National Park is the core area of the Lombok Rinjani Biosphere Reserve. Where in this area there is science development (Science for sustainability support sites).

National Tourism Strategic Area

As a Super Priority Tourism Destination, the Indonesian government continues to increase the added value of tourism. the main focus is on increasing the length of stay of tourists. And increasing foreign tourist visits significantly.

Meanwhile, improvements to accessibility, attractions, and amenities continue to be made in Lombok Super Priority Tourism Destination.

Then the government made the important status of this area as a Major Project for the development of the Nusa Tenggara region. Nusa Tenggara is the province where the island of Lombok is located. That way, the prospects for this region are extraordinary. With the development of the growth, center needs to prioritize mitigation and preparedness for disaster risk disaster risk.


Therefore, hiking a volcano must remain vigilant and requires careful preparation. In terms of choosing a climbing guide service is no less important. They must master three basic elements such as loving the mountain, having insight into local wisdom, and having managerial and communication skills.

All of that is already in Parman Trekker, a professional travel guide to the top of Rinjani who will guide your journey full of excitement with an ecological tourism approach. He has years of experience as a trekking partner to the top of Rinjani.


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