That’s Instagrammable! Rinjani, Anti-Mainstream Lake Tourism

A Lake that is High on a Mountain

Rinjani is not the name of a lake but the name of a mountain with an altitude of 3726 M above sea level. located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Rinjani is the anti-mainstream lake tour in the world. Wow, is that too much? No friends, this mountain has been recognized by the world with various prestigious international awards. However, there are lakes in Indonesia where the lake is not located on the ground. Instead, it is above the height of the highest mountain in Indonesia, Rinjani

Lakes top the list of natural tourist destinations besides beaches and the sea. In Indonesia, there are iconic lakes such as Lake Toba that are very Instagramable. To get there, you only need land transportation and you will get to the shores of the beautiful Lake Toba. Meanwhile, to the surrounding islands, you need a boat. but have you ever been to a lake high up on a mountain?

The splendor of the mountain with its natural beauty is interesting for us to review. Not only that, we will provide interesting facts about Mount Rinjani for loyal readers of Parman Trekkerr of course.

The background of Lombok Island

a lake on a high mountain (photo: doc)

If on the island of Sumbawa there is Mount Tambora then on the island of Lombok there is Mount Rinjani. It is no exaggeration to say that Mount Rinjani is the icon of the island of Lombok itself.

This active volcano is currently the destination of climbers from all over Indonesia and even foreign tourists. Not only professional climbers but even beginners who have never even had experience can also climb the peak. Although it erupted in 2015, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of climbers to conquer the peak of Mount.

so iconic, Mount Rinjani was once a picture of the nominal currency of Rp.10,000 in 1998. Naturally, the island of Lombok is associated with Mount Rinjani. Remember Mount Rinjani and people will remember the island of Lombok.

National park area

segara anak lake (photo:doc)

Formerly the Rinjani area was a wildlife reserve, but the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Forestry made the Rinjani area a national park in 1990.

The Mount Rinjani National Park area is a lush forest covering 76,000 hectares. Here many types of flora and fauna are unique and different from other forest areas. This is because Rinjani is on the Wallace line which makes this area have a large variety of species. Wallace is a meeting place for Asiatic and Australian flora and fauna such as langurs, deer, hummingbirds, pangolins, and unique edelweiss flowers.

Considered Sacred by the Community

The Sasak tribe is the original tribe of the island of Lombok strongly believes that Mount Rinjani is the protector of the island of Lombok. so there is a kind of traditional ceremony and ritual to honor Rinjani the local population. Likewise, if we pay attention to the shape of residents’ houses. most of the local residents’ houses face the direction of the largest mountain in Indonesia. it is also part of the respect for Mount Rinjani.

The name Rinjani is taken from the name of the goddess Anjani, the name of a goddess who is honored. When climbing Mount you will find several trees that are considered sacred by some residents. There is a myth that says the palace of Goddess Anjani is in the middle of Segara Anak Lake. That is the assumption of some residents who make Rinjani a sacred place.

Instagramable Anti-Mainstream Lake

an amazing lake (photo: doc)

Mount Semeru has the beautiful Ranu Kumbolo, while in Rinjani there is Lake Segara Anak. Immediately the child means the child of the sea with bluish water like sea water. beautiful spots that calm the mind with the scenery around the lake that is so beautiful. Want to immortalize it as a photo? Of course, the atmosphere of the scenery here is very Instagramable.

The route to the summit at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level will cross a lake in the crater of Rinjani. According to Wikipedia, this lake is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level which covers 1,100 ha and is 230 meters deep. Wow, you can imagine how vast this lake is. Interestingly on the surface of the lake, you can see a mountain which is a subsidiary of Mount Rinjani. Nearby there is also a hot spring that can treat skin diseases. Soaking in warm water is a natural sauna facility that is healthy, no wonder most climbers make it a travel route and stay there.

Ecology-based tourism

Mount Rinjani National Park is a conservation forest as well as education and community empowerment in an integrated manner. The educational aspect is highly emphasized in this case as a means of educating the wider community and preserving it together.

You are not allowed to litter in this area and the rules are very clear. Community empowerment to preserve the forests of the Rinjani area by forming community empowerment forums. There is also a forum for the climbing guide community. Those who are allowed to guide the climb are people who have permission experience and insight into the forest to educate climbers while in the Rinjani forest area.

Rinjani trek center

Parman trekker on top of the mountain (photo: doc)

Having a mountain child that often erupts always makes vigilance and get comprehensive information from the Rinjani information center. Meanwhile, the climbing route has been determined by the national park management. One of the most interesting things is reaching the top of Mount at sunrise. The panoramic view from the summit is breathtaking, and the sense of achievement is second to none. For complete information on the hiking route, you can contact us.

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Recognized by the world with prestigious awards

Launching from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Gunung Rinjani National Park has received many prestigious and internationally recognized awards including being nominated for the “Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2005” from the World Travel & Tourism for Tomorrow Award.

Even by UNESCO, the UN agency in 2018 made the Rinjani area a New Biosphere Reserve. That way, Rinjani holds the status of UNESCO Global Geopark. This means that the Lombok Rinjani Geopark is a unitary area that has an international-scale geological heritage that is managed under protection and sustainable development. Rinjani is a heritage that must be preserved by the world.


Mount Rinjani, located in Lombok, Indonesia, is one of the most challenging climbs in Southeast Asia. Standing at 3,726 meters, the mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the island and its surroundings by the sea. However, conquering Mount is no easy feat. It requires careful planning, preparation, and an experienced guide.

Your fatigue and curiosity will be relieved by your arrival at the top of Mount. The journey to the top is no less exciting where you will find natural wonders here ranging from flora and fauna, lakes, and waterfalls to hot springs around it. In accompanying the journey be sure to choose an experienced and knowledgeable guide, providing you with the necessary guidance and support to reach the summit safely and successfully. For complete information about trekking Mount Rinjani, you can contact us.

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