This Beach Has a Mountain View! Mandalika Beach

Mandalika Beach

Mandalika Beach is the name of a beautiful beach on the island of Lombok. Located in Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency. This beach is a tourist attraction that offers exotic beauty that amazes anyone who visits it. This beach has the longest line of approximately 7.2 km. The beautiful scenery of the beach is perfect because it lies on white sand which adds to the exotic impression. Coupled with the obvious blue sea water can spoil the eyes of tourists visiting this beach.

The Beach Visited By The Racers

Jorge Martin, MotoGP racer on Mandalika beach (Photo: Instagram/@88jorgemartin)

The racers were seen enjoying the resting time after the MotoGP motorcycle race. After racing, the racers are looking for a place to vacation to release fatigue. Since the location is also very close to the MotoGP racing circuit and easy to reach, it is no wonder that many tourists make it a priority to visit after watching motorcycle racing, MotoGP. Not a few racers captured their moments on Mandalika beach, one of them was MotoGP racer Jorge Martin.

Easy to Reach Beach

It takes 30 minutes to reach Mandalika Beach from Lombok International Airport. However, public transportation is quite rare to find. However, you don’t need to worry because many comfortable vehicle rental services can take you to Mandalika Beach. There are comfortable hotels available for your stay while in Mandalika. However, if you plan not to stay overnight, it is highly recommended that you return before 6 pm for comfort during the return trip.

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Beach With Calm Sea Water Atmosphere

Some beaches in western Indonesia have very beautiful beaches. But the beautiful scenery is not necessarily safe for those of you who intend to swim. For beaches that have high waves, you must be vigilant and more careful. It does not apply to Mandalika Beach because this beach has calm sea water with small waves. For those of you who have small children, it is highly recommended to vacation here because it is safer to swim on the beach. How about tourists who like surfing? Go from July to August because that time is the ideal time for surfing.

Beach With Hill View

view on merese hill lombok (photo: instagram/@vemarcelia)

One of the uniqueness that you can find on Mandalika Beach is the view of the hill to the west. The scenic object of Mandalika Hill adds to the beauty of this beach. where this hill can be climbed by anyone because it has a land contour that is not steep. You who successfully climb this hill can see the view of the beach sand and blue sea water from the top of the hill. You can imagine how beautiful this tourist location is. The names of the hills in Mandalika include Merese Hill. This hill is used by tourists as a place to take pictures.

A beach that has a history

Hunting 'nyale' on the beach (photo: wikipedia)

The name of the beach called Mandalika Beach has a historical story. Mandalika is taken from the name of a beautiful princess who will be proposed by a prince. Because the princess of Mandalika did not like the prince, she finally decided to jump into the sea from the top of Mandalika Hill. The princess was never found, but many people believe that she has transformed into a sea worm. By the people here, the sea worm is better known as ‘nyale‘. There is an event on the beach called the Bau Nyale Festival. This festival aims to honor the princess of Mandalika. The event activities include searching for ‘nyale’ worms. For your information, these nyale worms are made into delicious food by the local people.

Beach With Good Photo Objects

Many tourists make this beach a photo object. You can capture your best moments by taking pictures with the serene sunset atmosphere. Blue and clear sea water makes the view of coral reefs under the sea a natural charm that you can make a photo object. Meanwhile, you can see the view of the hill which is no less beautiful when you are on this beach. While on Mandalika beach, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, to protect your skin from the scorching sun. It is also recommended to wear sunglasses and a hat.

Beaches with snorkeling destinations

The beauty of Kuta Mandalika Beach (photo: pinterest)

Many visitors to Mandalika Beach aim to see the beauty of the underwater. The beauty of beautiful coral reefs is the attraction of this beach. It is unfortunate if you miss swimming while snorkeling if you are already on this beach. This beach has calm water with a clear blue color making the view of the coral reef very clearly visible. You must go snorkeling on this beach. What should you prepare? Goggles for swimming, breathing apparatus in the form of a breathing hose, and frog shoes to help you swim. For beginners who can’t swim, you need a life jacket.

Beach With Good Facilities

Besides providing lodging, Mandalika Beach also provides public facilities such as mosques, public bathrooms, restaurants and eateries, and children’s playgrounds. This is the best place to do outbound activities and even camping. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the best coffee shop. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about the security of vehicle parking. Because here there are vehicle parking officers. If you want to buy souvenirs for souvenirs, there is also a souvenir shop here. Stalls that provide food here also serve delicious food menus such as Grilled Chicken, Taliwang Lombok Spice, and young coconut water. Other facilities that you can find are health facilities such as clinics.

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Thus the review of Parman Trekker about the beauty of Mandalika Beach. Being on the island of Lombok is incomplete if you don’t visit Mandalika Beach. As you know, the island of Lombok is an island that has beautiful beaches. The existence of Mandalika Beach, which is close to the MotoGP racing circuit, is a special attraction. Ahead of the motorcycle racing event, the cost of lodging is quite high. Understandably, the Motogp event is a prestigious motorcycle racing world championship. However, you don’t have to visit here during the MotoGP motorcycle racing championship. On other days, tourists make Mandalika Beach a priority tour while in Lombok. Interested in Lombok Island with Parman Trekker? When else can you visit this exotic Mandalika beach?

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