Semeti Beach For The Peaceful Beach Lovers

Semeti Beach Is a Peaceful Beach

Hello loyal readers of Parman Treker, this time we are discussing Semeti Beach. The most peaceful beach on the island of Lombok. This beach is very far from the noise. What is that beach? The beach is called Semeti Beach, the most peaceful beach on the island of Lombok.

The beach is the most crowded tourist spot. Visiting the beach is indeed the right place to fill the time off. Starting from the most popular beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. To sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the sunset. So it is not surprising, the view when visiting the beach is a lot of tourists enjoying the sun by sunbathing. To be honest, such beaches are less favored by people who like silence, like me.

For introverts like me, I like the type of beach that doesn’t have many visitors. This way, I can express myself by writing, reading books, and finding inspiration in the quiet. Semeti Beach is the perfect beach for an introvert. The beach with its beauty and peacefulness perfects your vacation while on the island of Lombok. Of course, you should also visit Senggigi Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach, and other beautiful beaches on Lombok Island. Then compare these beaches with Semeti Beach. This beach is no less beautiful.

Remote beach location

beautiful view of semeti beach (photo: diduk miru Instagram)

This is the reason why Semeti Beach is such a relaxing place. It is located behind the forest, precisely in Selong Belanak village, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province. If you travel from the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram City, it takes 2 hours to reach the beach. It’s a bit far, but trust us, you won’t regret it if you take a vacation to such a beach.  We are sure, you will admire the beautiful scenery during your trip.  The road is winding with beautiful scenery on your right and left.

For your information, Semeti Beach is located not far from Mawi Beach. Both are the best beaches on the island of Lombok. Regarding the vehicle to the location of Semeti Beach, you should choose a comfortable car vehicle. Because the access road to the location is quite difficult and steep, you need to choose a good car.

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Semeti Beach, Little Raja Ampat

view on krypton rock (photo: faozi arsha giovani Instagram)

Those of you who have been to Raja Ampat will be surprised by the beauty of Semeti Beach.  Because this beach has similarities with Raja Ampat tourist attractions in Papua. Because both have beautiful coral rocks, Semeti Beach is often called a small Raja Ampat. This lined-up coral stone is also the main attraction. Some have likened Semeti Beach to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

These rocks can be climbed so that from the top of the reef you can see the beautiful blue of the ocean. if you go to Semeti Beach, don’t forget to bring your camera. because this is the best place to take cool photos. Some say the rocks on Semeti Beach are like a superhero movie. Those who visit nicknamed the rock as krypton rock. Feel the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. The sound of the waves was heard very clearly. And finally, you need to be vigilant in climbing the rock, you must be careful so that something fatal does not happen. Some rocks have sharp surfaces that could injure you.

There is a view of the hill

view on the hill of Semeti Beach (photo: ridho obloh Instagram)

Semeti Beach is very beautiful with a stretch of hills along the beach. Thus, the view of the hill and the beach becomes one. This beautiful hill is very tempting to climb to the top. Arriving on the hill, the view of Semeti Beach becomes even more beautiful. Your view becomes much wider reaching the beauty of Semeti Beach from the top of the hill. Feel the waves crashing and blowing when you are here.

There is white sand

white sand semeti beach (photo: aprilia Instagram)

The color of the sand on Semeti Beach is white and fine textured. You don’t need to worry about walking on the sand of this beach because Semeti Beach is very clean. We recommend that you take off your shoes and feel like walking on the sand of this beach barefoot. The beach sand feels smooth, doesn’t it? Feel also when the waves come to your feet. The sensation you will feel is as if your feet are moving themselves toward the ocean. The waves on the beach are ideal for surfing.

As a good visitor, always keep the beach clean. Dispose of garbage in its place. By maintaining cleanliness, you have helped preserve the beauty of Semeti Beach.

Prices and entry fees

To enter the Semeti Beach area, you only need to pay a fee in the form of a parking ticket. The price depends on the type of vehicle you are using. Usually, the management of Semeti Beach charges Rp. 5000 for motorcycle vehicles. And for car vehicles, it costs Rp. 10,000. This price may change depending on certain situations. But the applicable costs are more or less the same.

Facilities at Semeti Beach

warung facilities that provide food and drinks. Because the location is not crowded, you should prepare food when visiting this beach. then Semeti Beach also provides ‘saung-saung’ to sit and rest for visitors. Imagine the excitement of eating together here with your family. Another activity that you can do at Semeti Beach is fishing.

However, if you decide to snorkel, you should have prepared snorkeling equipment beforehand. Currently, there is no snorkeling equipment rental available.


During your stay at Semeti Beach, be careful, especially when climbing the rocks. Sharp rocks can hurt you at any time. Other equipment that you must provide includes glasses and skin protection. Because the sharp sunlight can damage your skin.

Then, you must provide a change of clothes for swimming. It’s a shame if you come here just to take pictures, not to experience swimming on this beach. Other equipment is of course a camera for taking pictures. The scenery here provides many good photo objects.

Currently, there are not too many people who visit here. So it is suitable for you who like quiet and peaceful beaches. Not far from this beach, there is a place that you must visit. The name of the place is Sade village. This village is an icon of the island of Lombok. Here you can learn to weave Lombok Songket cloth.

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Thus our review of Semeti Beach, are you interested in visiting the beach which is famous as a quiet and peaceful beach with its iconic coral reefs? We can certainly accompany your trip.

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