Sekotong Beach, So Many Unique Beaches Here

Beach in Sekotong, the island of small islands

Hello loyal readers of Parman Trekker. This time we will discuss Sekotong Beach. Sekotong is an area of a district in Lombok, precisely the district of West Lombok. The area is directly adjacent to the sea, making Sekotong has a beautiful coastline. Sekotong Beach is already famous in foreign countries. Tourists make it the main tourist destination because there are several beaches and small islands in Sekotong. As a small island, it allows you to reach many other sekotong beaches. As the proverb says, once rowing a boat, two to three islands are passed. In fact, you can explore several beautiful beaches in Sekotong.

The small islands called gili in sekotong beach are no less beautiful than other gili islands such as: gili trawangan, gili meno and gili air. What is the beauty of Sekotong Beach and what beaches are in Sekotong. Let’s review together

A stretch of rock on Piling Beach

A stretch of rock on Piling Beach (photo: Instagram/rianhidayaat)

The beach in Sekotong called Piling Beach is indeed different. The beach generally has a stretch of sand but not so with this beach. Precisely on this piling beach in Sekotong what you find is rocks. The rocks are dominated by black and gray colors. Very unique isn’t it? You are like being on the edge of a river whose plain is full of rocks, but in front of you is the Indian Ocean with big waves. This beach is also called the rocky beach.

Another beautiful thing that you can find on this sekotong beach is the hills and high rocks. A place that is often used as an object of photography. Many tourists capture the moment in front of this high rock. Looks beautiful on Instagram, doesn’t it? The calm atmosphere and the waves that are heard very clearly can melt your mind that is upset. That’s the point of tourism, isn’t it?

There is no time limit for visiting the beach. You can visit Piling Beach Sekotong for 24 hours. However, the beach supervisor is only on duty until 17.00 WITA. To enter this beach is not expensive, only pay a levy of Rp. 10,000, -. Very cheap not compared to the sensation of the experience you get here.

Marathon Run at Mekaki Beach

Mekaki Beach is spread out with white sand (photo: Instagram/rusdyheroo)

This sekotong beach is called mekaki beach. Unlike the piling beach, the mainland of this beach is spread out with mesmerizing white sand. The fine and white sand is the main attraction of this beach. The characteristics of this beach are calm, clear sea water and beautiful sunset views.

Sekotong Beach which has a very long coastline makes this beach a sports arena. The local government made mekaki sekotong beach as the host of the marathon running event. The name of the event is the mekaki marathon which is successfully held regularly. At the same time, as a means of promoting beach tourism.

Picnic at Elaq-elaq Beach

Picnic at elaq-elaq Beach (photo:google reviews/syamsul)

This Sekotong beach is even more unique. If we photograph this beach from above, the land is like a tongue sticking out. Therefore, this beach is named elaq which means in the language of the Sasak tribe is the tongue. The most prominent impression for this beach is a picnic spot with family.

You don’t even have to worry if you don’t bring food, because there are restaurants and restaurants here. With a special menu of Lombok specialties such as taliwang chicken, plecing kale for snacks. How delicious is it not, to eat food on the blue beach? Surely after that, you can’t wait to swim and snorkel on this elaq-elaq sekotong beach. And because the atmosphere is a picnic then choose the most comfortable vehicle to this location.

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Horse riding on Gili asahan beach

horse riding on the gili asahan beach (photo:MetroNTB)

You need to know that the island of West Nusa Tenggara has two large islands, namely Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island. and the island of Lombok has many small islands called Gili. Hearing the name gili, tourists know three big gili, such as gili trawangan, gili meno and gili air. Even though there are many more small islands or Gili on the island of Lombok. one of them is Gili Asahan.

You have never experienced horse riding on the beach. Gili Asahan in Sekotong Beach provides a different experience from other beaches on the island of Lombok, namely horse riding activities. A sporting activity that is very popular today. How do you get a horse? You can rent a horse from the local community to get around this beautiful small island or gili. That’s not the only experience you get in Sekotong Gili Asahan Beach. Plus, snorkeling activities which are favorite activities on the beach of course. Get snorkeling equipment rental facilities at affordable prices. And you find the best spots of beauty in the ocean such as the beautiful secret garden spot. The charm of fish and coral reefs here is very clearly visible.

That’s still one small island or Gili in Sekotong, while there are dozens more Gili beaches. You need to visit Gili Kedis, a very small island, nicknamed little paradise. If you’re still not satisfied, try visiting Gili Layar. If you want to see a view like an aquarium in the sea, this is the place to go.


That’s our review of the beauty of Sekotong Beach, a quiet beach away from the crowds. Nowadays, many tourists know this beach. The digital era has helped spread information about the beauty of this beach. How not, photos of the rocks on the piling beach in Sekotong are very Instagramable.  Not to mention, horse riding on Gili Asahan beach to diving on Gili Kedis.

You know not if national and international sports events are routinely held in Lombok. start running marathons on mekaki sekotong beach. Until the MotoGP motorcycle racing event which is included in the international championship calendar. The island of Lombok is not only about the beauty of the beach, the cities are really very addictive to want to return for anyone who has been to Lombok. now it’s your turn, loyal readers of Parman Trekker. We are ready to accompany your trip to the island of Lombok.

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