The Most Comfortable Car For Touring

Hiace Car For Your Tour

Tourism means visiting a certain place to do something such as recreation, or taking a holiday to learn about a tourist attraction in terms of its history and uniqueness. The short definition of tourism is visiting. If the place you go to is more than one place, the activity is called a tour.

Touring is certainly very pleasant if we have a planned route of places. It is to reduce the waste of time and save costs. Travel routes can help prioritize the places to visit. Tourists traveling in groups should determine the route of travel along with the scheduled time arrangement.

Let’s schedule a sightseeing tour. When was the last time you went on a sightseeing tour? Was it a year ago? No matter how busy you are, make time to travel and take a holiday. Traveling is very useful to restore the spirit of work by activating the hormone endorphin, the happiness hormone. A happy person will be physically and mentally healthier.

The choice of land transport for touring lies in choosing the type of car. You don’t want your holiday to be ruined by choosing the wrong type of car. If touring with a group, choose a comfortable and large minibus-type car.

Here Parman Trekker will discuss Toyota cars from Japanese manufacturers, minibus-type passenger cars that can accommodate more than 10 passengers inside. We discuss the Toyota Hiace car that has been in Indonesia since 1971. Wow, this Hiace car already existed before the legendary car, the Toyota Kijang. With a luxurious exterior and interior design, your traveling experience will be even more exciting

History of Toyota Hiace

Let’s discuss how the first Toyota Hiace car arrived in Indonesia. The first generation of Toyota Hiace cars were available from 1971 to 1976. This first-generation car with engine capacity ranging from 1600 cc to 1800 cc engine capacity. what is interesting about the exterior design is the headlights, which consist of two mica lamps.

The second generation of Toyota Hiace cars was present from 1977 to 1982.  This second-generation car comes with a 4-cylinder engine, with an engine capacity of up to 2200 cc. the exterior design of this second-generation Hiace car has a change in the shape of the headlights. Here, the Hiace car uses one Mica lamp. And the presence of this second-generation car coincides with the presence of the first Toyota Kijang Car.

The third and fourth generation of Toyota Hiace cars did not circulate in Indonesia. This may be due to the current sales situation in the automotive market. The public prefers Toyota Kijang cars, which are more impressive as family cars, fuel-efficient cars, and better in design.

After disappearing for decades, the fifth-generation Toyota Hiace arrived in Indonesia in 2012 until 2018. This car is a more luxurious version. The engine capacity is up to 2500 cc. with the ability to accommodate 16 passengers. It is safer because it is equipped with high safety standards, with the car equipped with a Dual SRS Air Bag and Pretensioner and Force Limiter Seatbelt. This car provides comfort and safety at the same time.

The Toyota Hiace is currently in its 7th generation with an arrival year of 2022. The engine capacity reaches 2982 cc. With such engine capacity, it can provide a more powerful and fast acceleration.

The uniqueness of Toyota Hiace Car

As we have discussed the history of Toyota Hiace in Indonesia, this car gives the impression of being more luxurious, more elegant and more sporty, and more comfortable. Of course, the most important thing is that this car has high safety standards. Although it can reach maximum speed, in this car we will not feel any significant shocks. As a traveler, you certainly don’t want to be in an uncomfortable car. Especially for those of you who have bad experiences during the journey such as vomiting and dizziness. Of course, this will not happen to you because you chose the right car.

Toyota Hiace Car Fuel

Toyota Hiace has used the common rail system in its fuel system. This will certainly increase efficiency, save fuel, be more controlled, and reduce emissions. It is highly recommended to use unsubsidized diesel. If you want your car engine to last longer, then use better diesel fuel. The diesel fuels available at filling stations include BioSolar, Dexlite, and Pertadex. Each has a different Cetane Number (CN) content. Choose the Cetane Number (CN) that has a higher number.

Toyota Hiace Car Rental

Looking at the price of Toyota Hiace cars in 2023, Hiace Premio cars currently touch a price of more than Rp. 600,000,000,-. So it is very reasonable if you as a traveler who wants to rent a Hiace car for a tour within the city get a car rental price that is more expensive than renting a car of another brand. Of course, the price is comparable to your comfort on holiday. By spending around Rp. 1,000,000, – you can get Hiace car hire services for one day. Maybe the cost can be more expensive if added with other facilities such as driver services. You can compare it with other types of car rental if you feel the price is still expensive. But we are very confident with the satisfaction you get with Toyota Hiace CAR. You and your family will have a pleasant holiday with Hiace Car.

Traveling around Lombok with Hiace

We have provided a review of your car options that you can use when traveling on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. City tours in Lombok present many attractions that you can visit with your group. Lombok presents a very beautiful nuance of tourist beauty. You should not miss special areas such as the beauty of its beaches, the beauty of its historical heritage, and visiting shopping centers. Lombok, which is nicknamed the island of 1000 mosques, presents an atmosphere of halal tourism. The mosques here stand majestically and the architectural buildings are beautiful. The cleanliness of the city is very well maintained.

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Lombok Island presents many good places to capture the moment by taking pictures with your group. Of course, you have to rent a Hiace car that accommodates more passengers.


Thus we are very happy if you want to have a holiday with us, Parman Trekker. Professional and Experienced WIsata Tour Provider for you. Bring your holiday experience on the island of Lombok with a city tour with a Hiace car and a professional companion for you. We are even ready to escort you to experience the excitement of climbing the peak of Rinjani, the highest mountain in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. We are experienced in being the best partner for our tourists. Waiting for your presence on Lombok Island with us of course.