There Are Islands Without Motorcycles, You Have To Use a Jetski

Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province has an extraordinary beauty. This beautiful country in Indonesia is famous throughout the world.

Many Europeans visit and vacation in this tourist spot. Where Lombok Island is famous for its three small islands. The popular term is three gili or three small islands with the name of each being Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Of course, the beauty of these three Gilis is no one question. Therefore, traveling around the Gili islands is less exciting if you don’t book a sea vehicle, jetski rental.

The Island Without Motorcycles

Activities that are often done by foreign tourists here are enjoying the sunset (sunset), staying at a resort or hotel, fishing, snorkeling on the water surface by observing marine plants from the surface of the water to diving activities at the bottom of the sea or diving. Diving at the bottom of the sea provides an unforgettable experience because the beauty of the sea on this island is very beautiful. Other activities that are not related to water are visiting historical attractions such as visiting traditional houses to visiting special bird parks.

Another beauty on the island of Lombok is the beauty of the highest mountain in Indonesia. You need to know the 7 highest mountain peaks in Indonesia, one of which is Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok, Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 mpdl. The first and second highest mountains are Carstensz Peak with an altitude of 4884 mpdl in Papua and Kerinci Peak with an altitude of 3805 mdpl in Jambi. Mount Rinjani is the third-highest mountain in Indonesia.

These islands can be visited only by using water vehicles or water transportation. You will have several choices between riding a public boat, a fast boat, or riding a speed boat. With different costs, Riding a public boat is cheaper than others

After getting there you will not find a motorcycle. You can travel by walking to riding a bicycle to get around the small island. Walking along the beach is a common activity. What if you walk along the beach using a jetski? You know Jetski right? There are jetski rental service providers here.

Jetski is a special vehicle

jetski is a water bike. This water bike is produced by the manufacturer Kawasaki. It is a machine from Japan. The experience of riding jetski is unique. Because not everyone has jetski. Why? Because buying one jetski unit can cost as much as Rp. 300,000,000, – even more. Depending on the size and capabilities of the jetski.

Taking care of a jetski is no less complicated. If you have a jetski, you must be able to maintain the vehicle so that it is not damaged. The potential damage caused by salt water is quite large.

The features of jetski include high-speed acceleration. The character of the beach which has calm waves is perfect for riding a jetski. Jetski is also used by the government to maintain beach and sea safety.

Jetski is less desirable not because of its experience, but it is because of jetski rental services that are quite expensive. Some providers put the price of jetski rental at around 400,000 for every 15 – 20 minutes. Some provide jetski rental rates for one-hour to one-day rental.

illustration of practicing jetskiing

Jetski for recreation

Riding a jetski on the water is a very enjoyable experience. By riding a jetski, the endorphin hormone will increase rapidly. Endorphin is the hormone of happiness. It can relieve stress, and depression, and relieve sadness.

On your jetski rental vehicle, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the beach, the blue sea, and the cool air.

Jetski for exercise

Riding a jetski can increase adrenaline and thus exercise the heart muscle. Practicing jetskiing can keep your heart healthy. Riding a jet ski can also train your muscles and bones. Blood circulation also becomes smooth due to jetskiing.

Some areas routinely conduct jetski world championship events. Lake Toba some time ago held the Aquabike Jetski World Championship event. Similar to the east coast of Indonesia, precisely on the coast of the island of Lombok many jetski communities regularly hold sporting events.

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Is riding a jetski difficult for a beginner? Of course not. But to drive a jetski you must have basic skills such as swimming. This is to anticipate if you are thrown into the sea due to not mastering the jetski. A beginner will usually be accompanied by a professional guide or instructor who is experienced in riding a jetski. You will be taught the basics, after which you are allowed to drive the jetski yourself.

Practice riding a jetski

As a beginner, an instructor will teach you the basics such as how to turn, pull the motor gas, and use the brakes to stop. we advise you not to ride a jetski in the middle of the sea. The current of the middle sea is very strong. Then the thing you should pay attention to is not to do strong and acrobatic maneuvers. You can do that if you are at an advanced level of ability. Sometimes jetski drivers forget themselves and feel great. Here you must have the ability to restrain yourself and be careful. If the sea current feels heavy, you should pull over to the shore. The most important thing is to pay attention to the speed of the sea current. For beginners, it usually takes 1 -2 hours to master the jetski vehicle.

illustration of practicing jetskiing

Jetski safety equipment

Jetski service providers must prioritize the security and safety of consumers who become jetski riders. The refueling of the jetski should be an important concern. It is very dangerous if the jetski experiences engine failure due to a lack of fuel. Of course, the engine will not be able to move and die in the middle of the sea. Another thing is to pay attention to the information screen on the jetski. For equipment that must be provided are buoys, glasses to helmets. Buoys function to anticipate unwanted events such as drowning. Glasses function to protect the eyes from sea water and helmets to protect the head from the impact of hard objects.

The risk of riding a jetski is the potential for a drowning accident due to the body bouncing into the air and falling into the water hard. These accidents are fatal and can result in minor injuries to death. An experience of fatal jetskiing incident occurred in 2012 in Florida which resulted in the death of jetski rider Alan G. Poindexter.


On the island of Lombok, Indonesia, you will find extraordinary beauty. Here there is the famous gili archipelago with three gilis. You can explore the beauty of this extraordinary tour by using water transportation such as boats or jetski. uniquely, Jetski can be 2 means at once, namely as a means of recreation and sports. However, as a beginner rider train with a professional trainer and learn until you become proficient. Stay careful in riding a jetski by paying attention to ocean currents and increasing awareness.

For those of you who are interested in a vacation to the island of Lombok, we are experienced in assisting domestic and foreign tourists. Get the experience of traveling to the islands around Lombok including Gili Trawangan. Exclusive Lombok Tour up to 5 days / 4 nights with Rinjani Trekking Specialist

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