Here’s a backpacker’s guide to Bali Beach

Backpacker’s Guide to bali

Let’s review the backpacker’s guide from the island of Sumatra to the island of Bali. We start from the city of Medan, North Sumatra province. You want to travel the world but only have limited money. By being a backpacker, you can explore tourist areas alone. do you want to try?

A backpacker is a person who goes anywhere with only a backpack. is it possible? Of course, you can. You don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. The origin of the word is the backpack, meaning backpack. Only by using a backpack, a tourist can visit the desired place on foot, take a train, take a bus to use a ship. The contents of the bag in addition to carrying clothing supplies, there are medicines to multi-purpose equipment such as mattresses to small tents.

There are many exciting experiences for a backpacker. The advantage is being able to travel at a low cost and make new friends in the backpacker community. The goal of backpackers themselves is a traveling experience. No problem with travel time. They enjoy the long travel time.

Well, then which place do we want to visit? A place with lots of beaches, entertainment venues to relax the mind, good photo spots, and lots of shopping centers. You can visit the island of Bali. The island with the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Are you a backpacker? The following is a backpacker’s guide to Bali. Let’s start.

Travel by ship

illustration of a passenger ship sailing (photo: pelni)

Many people travel by plane. The reason of course is because it’s fast. However, for a backpacker travelling by plane is not very challenging especially since the ticket cost is expensive. Airline tickets can reach an average of 1,500,000 per airline for economy class tickets for flights from Medan to Jakarta today.

The following is a backpacker’s guide to Bali Beach by passenger boat. You don’t need to spend that much money if you use a ship from Belawan Harbor to Tanjung Periuk Harbor in Jakarta. you only need to spend 529,000 per person for an economy class ship. You can order tickets at pt. pelni (Indonesian national shipping). That’s pretty cheap, isn’t it? You can even go directly to the destination port in Surabaya, Tanjung Perak. With an additional 2 days, you can arrive in Surabaya, East Java province from the port of Belawan, Medan, North Sumatra province. The cost is quite cheap spending Rp. 653,000 per person for economy class.

From the city of Surabaya, you just need to continue your journey by land such as by car, or public transport such as buses. After that, you must continue your journey by ferry to the island of Bali. Now you just have to choose, directly to Surabaya or you stop first in Jakarta. if you think about it, the total cost is almost the same as using an airplane. But that’s not the main problem, because what we are looking for is excitement while traveling.

Travel by train from Jakarta

illustration of train to yogyakarta

The following is a backpacker’s guide to Bali Beach by railway transport. A stop at Tanjung Periuk Harbor, Jakarta will add to your experience. Jakarta has many tourist destinations, such as Ancol and Monas. One day is enough to get around Jakarta.

Now it’s time to continue the journey to Bali we can take the route via the railway. Railway transport here is quite modern and comfortable. The route you take is from the city of Jakarta to Yogyakarta and then to Banyuwangi. For information for this month, train tickets to Yogyakarta from Pasar Senen Jakarta are only IDR 270,000 for economy class tickets. You can book this ticket at PT KAI.

Then from Yogyakarta, you will continue your journey to Banyuwangi. Of course, still by train, the journey takes about 11 hours with economy class tickets costing less than Rp 100,000/person. Then when we arrive at the train station, we walk a little to get to Banyuwangi harbour. finally, this harbor will take us to Gilimanuk Harbour, Bali Island. By using the ferry, we will arrive at Gilimanuk harbor in 1 hour only. this is if the water conditions are calm and the waves are calm enough.

Arriving at Bali harbor

illustration of a ship at the port : tribunnews

Now is the time for a backpacker to explore the island of Bali. The main tourist locations that are world famous are Kuta and its surroundings such as Legian, Jimbaran and Seminyak.

Please note the island of Bali has 8 districts. Kuta is a district in Badung Regency. While Legian and Seminyak are the names of villages in the Kuta sub-district. Jimbaran is a village in the south Kuta sub-district. Each region throughout the island of Bali has its own famous tourist attractions.

We focus on exploring the Kuta area and its surroundings. What we can do here:

Find cheap lodging

You will have no trouble finding cheap accommodation here. As a backpacker, you can get discounted rates for multi-day stays. Rates starting from Rp. 100,000/night are available here. Legian area is famous for its resort area and nightlife center. Prices vary depending on the facilities offered.

Renting a motorcycle

So that we can explore the tourist areas in Kuta to rent a vehicle. There are many vehicle rental services here such as cars and motorbikes. The price is quite affordable depending on the type of motorcycle. That way, we can explore the tourist areas around the Kuta area. We will visit three favorite places in the Kuta area of Bali, namely Legian, Jimbaran, and Seminyak. What will we find here?

Visit Legian and Kuta Beach

illustration of Legian beach (photo:istockphoto)

Legian is an area that has many famous tourist attractions to foreign countries. Many tourists from abroad visit this area. What characterizes this tourist area is that the impression of the resort is very pronounced here.  Legian Beach is unique. If you don’t really like crowds, this beach can be a recommendation for you. Unlike the beach in Kuta which is very crowded. Here are popular activities to do such as sunbathing, and surfing. The waves here are good enough to do surfing activities. Here visitors can see a beautiful sunset.

Legian Street is filled with trading areas of accessories, and food to become a nightlife center. Legian Street will be the center of the crowd at night. Here there are restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. If you like the atmosphere of nightlife, can enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd here.

There is also a historical monument here, namely the Bali bombing memorial monument. Here a monument was built called the Ground Zero Legian Monument. The best time to visit this monument is at night. The beautiful light decorations are suitable for objects to take photos.

Visit Jimbaran Beach

illustration of Jimbaran beach (photo: istockphoto)

Jimbaran can be reached from Legian in about 30 minutes. There are many resorts here and the beach is very famous. Jimbaran Beach. The food here is very tasty and typical. There are also many cheap hotels here. Suitable for you as a backpacker from the island of Sumatra.

Visit Seminyak Beach

Seminyak area is quite close from Legian, here the beach is very famous. Seminyak Beach. Which is not inferior to Legian Beach and Jimbaran Beach. There is also a temple here called Petitenget. A temple is a place of worship. The majority of the population of the island of Bali is Hindu. There is also a place called Seminyak Square. Shopping center and buy souvenirs.


Bali is a place with the most beautiful beaches. The world has recognized the beauty of the beaches on the island of Bali. If you want to go to Bali, don’t forget to visit Legian Beach, Jimbaran Beach, and Seminyak Beach. There are many more famous beaches on the island of Bali. Which we can not mention one by one. We will review it in the next article. Backpackers, we will review more beautiful places on the island of Bali. What if vacationing with family of course you need a companion to accompany your vacation while in Bali. Couples who are newly married and want to honeymoon, you can take reference for honeymoon with parman trekker 4 days / 3 nights here.

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