The Only Pink Beach in Lombok

Pink beaches in the world

You need to know that there are not many pink beaches in the world. Apart from Spiaggia Rosa beach in Italy, the pink beach turns out to be one of them on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The name of the beach is Tangsi Beach.

Sometimes people don’t know much about Tangsi Beach, the beach is a more popular name Pink Beach. Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, is indeed the best place for beach tourism. With pink sand, pink beaches certainly provide something unique. Beaches are generally white like the color of salt. Why is the sand on this beach pink? So that you don’t miss the information, this time Parman Trekker will review it. We will invite loyal readers to get to know this beautiful beach. Where the beauty of the pink beach is the attraction of tourism on the island of Lombok.

The origin of the pink beach

red coral reef on a pink beach (photo: Instagram/ursundaylove)

Regarding the pink color that colors the tangsi beach sand, there is a scientific explanation. Several causes contribute to the pink color of the beach sand. There is an opinion that states that the pink sand comes from dead coral reefs. The dead coral is eventually processed naturally into pink grains. Then, the sea waves carry the grains from the broken coral reefs to the edge of the beach. So that the beach sand becomes exposed which changes the color of the sand to pink due to the mixture of coral reefs. There is also an opinion saying that the pink color on the beach sand comes from microscopic animals on the beach. Besides that, shell fragments also affect the color of the sand on Tangsi Beach. all of that contributes to the color of the beach sand on Tangsi Beach.

The death of coral reefs is not good news. It indicates that in the past there was environmental pollution that caused the death of coral reefs in the sea. But that has changed because this beach is now very clean. Until now there are still many living coral reefs growing in shallow coastal waters.

In the past, not many people knew about the existence of this pink beach, only residents knew. However, thanks to technological advances, information on the uniqueness of pink beaches spread throughout the region and the world. Tourists come to this pink beach because of the unique color of the sand and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The sunlight that reflects its light towards the sea and sand further clarifies the exotic pink color. The more daylight it gets, the more clearly the pink color looks.

Travel to the beach

pink beach view from the hill (photo: instagram/ketutdastra)

To get to this pink beach takes approximately 2.5 -3 hours from the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram City. A little time-consuming. Indeed, the location of this pink beach is a little to the south of the island of Lombok.

The journey to this beach is exciting because of the beautiful scenery along the way. The lush forest trees become a beautiful sight during the trip. It’s just that the road infrastructure still needs to be improved. You should also pay attention to the vehicle during the trip by choosing a comfortable vehicle. The better the vehicle, the faster the travel time to get to the location.

To get to the sea of pink beaches, you can use a boat from the port. And through the sea route, travel time becomes shorter.

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Snorkeling and Diving

enjoying the pink beach (photo: Instagram/dimansya_)

For those of you who like tranquility, this beach does not have big waves. The beauty of the pink beach with bright blue sea water makes anyone will be tempted to swim and dive. You will see the beauty of coral reefs and beautiful fish in the sea. snorkeling is an activity that requires equipment such as goggles, and a breathing tube. If you are not very good at swimming, it is better to prepare yourself with frog shoes and life vests.

Rent a fishing boat

Taking pictures around the beach is certainly something you should capture through your camera. Besides that, you can also rent a boat to go around the small island around the beach. We recommend that you go to the pink beach during the dry season so that you can enjoy the beauty of this beach perfectly. If there is a jetski rental here, maybe the water adventure will be more exciting.

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The calm character of the pink beach with small waves makes this beach ideal for camping activities. Camping at the door beach is certainly an unforgettable experience. Of course, you will not miss burning fish with the cool atmosphere of the breeze coming from the beach. Where can you get the fish from? Of course by fishing on the beach.

Japanese army heritage cave

Japanese caves should receive special attention (photo: Instagram / Suara NTB)

Here there are caves and cannons left behind by the Japanese. As you know, this beach was the anchorage of the Japanese army during the colonial period. And you need to know the meaning of the name tangsi is a dormitory or barracks. Why does the name mean dormitory? It turns out that in ancient times, this beach was once a stopover for Japanese soldiers and they made dormitories or barracks around this area.

As the headquarters of the Japanese army in its time, there are Japanese relics that you can find here, namely caves. The length of this Japanese heritage cave is not as long as the cave in the Bukittinggi of West Sumatra. But for the number of caves itself not only one, but there are 7 caves with different characters. Unfortunately, this cave site does not get special attention from the government. So that the existence of the cave is not optimized as a tourist attraction. In fact, with conditions like that alone, the Japanese cave has attracted the attention of visitors. Especially if you get attention in the form of special care. It seems that the West Nusa Tenggara provincial government can follow the example of the Japanese cave in Bukittinggi which is the main attraction of tourism in the area. Despite the circumstances, the cave was still successful in getting the attention of visitors when traveling to this pink beach.


There are not many pink beaches in the world. There are pink beaches in the world such as Shark Bay in Australia, Glass Beach in California, Starry Night Sky Beach in Maldives, and Punaluu Beach in Hawaii. However, in Indonesia itself, there are two pink beaches. One of them is Tangsi Beach, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. There is also a pink beach in East Nusa Tenggara, on the island of Komodo.

Thus, we review the pink beach on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It’s a shame for you to miss it. quiet and exotic beaches. Not only that, the island of Lombok offers other natural beauty such as beaches along the Gili islands to the splendor of the Rinjani peak. You don’t need to be confused if this is your first visit to the island of Lombok. Because we will be here with you to explore this beautiful island of Lombok.

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