To Make Grilled Chicken, Use The Lombok Taliwang Spice

The Taste of Grilled Chicken lombok taliwang spice

Lombok taliwang spice is the secret to the deliciousness of Lombok’s grilled chicken dish. Whenever tourists visit the island of Lombok, they will not forget to order the savoury Taliwang grilled chicken dish. All circles love this dish from teenagers, adults to the elderly. Especially for those of you who love spicy food. The spices that permeate the Grilled Chicken Lombok taliwang dish have a spicy taste that bites, there is also sweetness and savoury. Uniquely, Taliwang grilled chicken is very attached to the typical food of the Lombok region. Even though the name Taliwang is the name of the area inhabited by the Sumbawa community. Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island are two large islands in West Nusa Tenggara Province. Hearing Taliwang grilled chicken, many people immediately think of Lombok Island. Taliwang grilled chicken is a speciality of Mataram, Lombok Island.

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Preparing The Lombok Taliwang Spice

Lombok taliwang spice is the determining factor that distinguishes taliwang grilled chicken from grilled chicken in general. Grilled chicken in general, has a mediocre taste of spicing, while the taste of the lombok taliwang spice, there will be a delicious and savoury taste in it. Everyone can make this spicing as long as they are willing to try and keep trying. Now we will try to learn how to make Lombok taliwang spice. Let’s start cooking taliwang grilled chicken;

Preparing the main ingredients

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We will be serving grilled Chicken taliwang spice. The main ingredient that you must prepare is one native chicken. The amount of chicken itself depends on the number of servings of food that you will serve. Choose a native chicken that is large enough to get large pieces of meat. Cut the chicken meat into 4 to 5 pieces. The more the number of pieces, the smaller the chicken. Taliwang seasoning grilled chicken is usually large.

Preparing the spices

We will make the Lombok taliwang spice by preparing the ground spices first. You will need 7 cloves of garlic, 15 shallots, 15 red curly chillies, 15 cayenne chillies, 2 galangal segments, 1 tomato and 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste.

Stir-fry the ground spices

With all these ingredients, we will make the Lombok taliwang spice by pureeing all the ingredients. The tool you can use is a blender or a traditional grinding tool such as a millstone. The next step is to heat the cooking oil that has been poured into a cauldron. Once the ingredients are smooth, it’s time to stir-fry and leave it on low heat for a while.

Putting the chicken meat into the cauldron

Now it’s time to put the chicken pieces into the cauldron containing the stir-fried Lombok taliwang spice. Stir the chicken meat until the colour of the chicken meat changes. Add brown sugar as much as one tablespoon, add sugar, salt and water to taste. Next we will let the spice soak by stirring it until the water content shrinks.

Cook the chicken

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Keep cooking the chicken until the meat becomes tender and the Lombok taliwang spice thickens. You can add sweet soya sauce while cooking the chicken. Don’t forget to taste the chicken on your tongue. Find the spicy, sweet and savoury flavours in the chicken. Once it’s enough, turn off the flame on the gas stove.

Preparing Grilled Chicken Lombok taliwang spice

Grilling the chicken

foto: ayam bakar taliwang. dok ayam bakar taliwang Bang Tangu

We are almost done preparing the dish, the next step is to grill the chicken. The equipment we have to prepare is a meat grill and charcoal briquettes. The fire lit on the charcoal briquettes grills the chicken. The Lombok taliwang spice inside the cooked chicken is ready to be grilled. We have to keep an eye on the roasting process so that the chicken doesn’t get burnt. The aroma of taliwang grilled chicken covered with Lombok taliwang spice is very fragrant. We can apply the remaining Lombok taliwang spice. Make sure the chicken meat is evenly roasted. Can’t wait to eat roasted chicken spicined with Lombok taliwang.

Serve Taliwang Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken Lombok taliwang spice is finished grilling and ready to be served to eat with your family. Very appetising for Parman Trekker readers. Serve the grilled chicken on a wide platter. If you want to use the concept of eating together, you can use a long banana leaf. Place the chicken on the wide banana leaf. Arrange the seating as comfortably as possible.

Serve with rice and stir-fried vegetables

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After the grilled chicken lombok taliwang spice is finished, don’t forget to serve rice for 5 people. It is even more complete if your meal is complemented with sautéed kale vegetables. And additional menus such as fruits. Complete your food menu today, grilled chicken lombok taliwang. Moreover, you and your friends eat together near a tourist attraction on the island of Lombok. Wow, that’s the perfect eating sensation. Eat ayam bakar taliwang while on holiday in Lombok.

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Cooking start time is now

Grilled chicken lombok taliwang spice dishes can be practised by anyone as long as they are willing to learn and try to cook it. The more often you serve this food menu, the better the taste of the food. until finally your taliwang grilled chicken will be favoured by many people, especially those closest to you. It seems like you have to occasionally try the grilled chicken lombok taliwang spiced with Lombok taliwang spice that are made directly by the native people of Lombok. There is a saying, practice is better than theory. Tips to start cooking is by cooking itself. Simple isn’t it.


There are many extraordinary beauties that you can find on the island of Lombok. Grilled Chicken Lombok taliwang cuisine adds its own experience for those who have experienced it. Taliwang grilled chicken menu has spread in major cities in Indonesia. It seems that Taliwang Grilled Chicken is a mainstay menu in major restaurants. On the island of Lombok, you can easily find restaurants that serve Taliwang grilled chicken at a friendly price. Stay tuned for our review about Lombok and Sumbawa islands in the next article, of course with Parman Trekker, Rinjani Trekking Specialist for Best Tour in Rinjani Lombok With Expert Teamwork, experienced Guide and Porter, Network throughout Indonesia Trip, High Quality Equipment and Affordable Cost

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