Kangkong is most tasty with plecing kangkong Lombok

Kangkong dishes become more tasty

Kangkong is best eaten with plecing kangkong Lombok. About Kangkong, also known as kale or water spinach, is a vegetable often made into dishes. Its green leaves make it a familiar food in Indonesian family cuisine. kangkong is a plant that loves sunlight and wind. planting kangkong is actually quite easy. as for the media that we can use such as soil media in pots. and apparently, kangkung can thrive living in running water.

Kangkong that we will use to serve plecing dishes is kangkong has a fresher and crisper taste. because it has a high water content. In addition, water spinach also contains many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron. Everyone from children to adults loves these dishes. it’s not difficult to make this dish. the simplest technique to cook a kangkong dish is to boil it. then, we wait for a while until the vegetable is cooked. finally, we need to add salt to add flavor.

Nowadays, kangkong dishes are increasingly varied. every region in Indonesia has a unique way of serving kangkong dishes. about taste, of course, there is no need to doubt its deliciousness.
In West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok Island, has a kangkong dish called Plecing Kangkong. According to the story, plecing kangkong Lombok was favored in ancient times by a royal princess. the princess rarely saw her face one day when the princess tasted this kangkong dish, her beautiful face was seen.

Plecing kangkong Lombok

Plecing Kangkong is so tasty (photo : shutterstock)

Plecing kangkong Lombok is a kale dish by adding Plecing Kangkong seasoning. Which, Plecing kangkong is a kangkong dish with a high taste of the regional specialty of the island of Lombok. It is incomplete if your arrival to the island of Lombok does not try this special dish. what makes the peculiarity of Plecing Kangkong Lombok is a sprinkling of spicy sauce over the kangkong. and in the sauce, there is a sprinkling of fried peanuts.

Making Plecing Kangkong

Curious about how to make the plecing kangkong Lombok. by preparing the main ingredients such as kangkong vegetables, toge vegetables, grated coconut, and one lime, for each 1 bunch of vegetables.

Then prepare the seasoning ingredients. Which consists of: red chili, red cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, shallots, garlic, tomatoes sugar, and salt. all the ingredients you sauté until they give off a fragrant aroma. with a mixture of lime makes the chili become fresher. with the addition of fried peanuts more perfect taste. You can make your plecing kangkong lombok by reading references and recipes that already exist.

Taste of Plecing Kangkong

Plecing Kangkong has a spicy taste that comes from the chili and a savory taste that comes from grated coconut. The addition of ground-fried peanuts adds to the enjoyment of this plecing kangkong. For you to know that the Kangkong that will become a dish is a clean Kangkong. In cooking Plecing Kangkong, the selection of Kangkong should be the main concern. Plecing Kangkong comes from Kangkong which is grown in running water. Thus, the kangkong stems become larger and crunchier. The quality of kangkong in Lombok is better than kangkong from other regions. Kangkong in Lombok has wider leaves and bigger stems. At this point, we understand the care in selecting the kangkong that makes plecing kangkong a delicious dish. Plecing kangkong becomes even more delicious when served with roasted taliwang chicken, another Lombok specialty. Who doesn’t know taliwang chicken? Just hearing it, we already feel hungry. Moreover, you eat taliwang grilled chicken, hot rice, and plecing kangkong Lombok. How delicious.

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Variations of Plecing Kangkong Flavor

You can make several preparations that can make the taste of Lombok Kangkong more delicious. Kangkong preparations such as: plecing kangkong terasi, plecing kangkong oyster sauce, plecing kangkong terasi shrimp and plecing kangkong lime. Plecing kangkong without the addition of shrimp paste also has a good taste. There are also those who make this Lombok-style plecing kangkong with a very spicy flavor that makes the tongue can’t stop tasting it with warm rice. Now what about you, which flavor variation do you like? I think you’ll like all of them.

Where to eat plecing Kangkong Lombok

Plecing Kangkong is surprisingly inexpensive. You can get this dish for only 5000. many restaurants provide a plecing kangkong menu. Famous restaurants include RM Taliwang Pertama in Mataram. This restaurant not only serves Taliwang grilled chicken but also delicious plecing kangkong. There is also a menu with a package of dishes with a variety of prices. Lombok Island is famous for its super delicious dishes. Not only restaurants, some coffee shops in Lombok, especially Mataram City, also serve plecing kangkong

Other delicious vegetable dishes in Lombok

Besides plecing kangkong, there are many other delicious foods that you must try. This dish is also made from plants derived from banana stems. This banana stem vegetable, named Ares. It tastes very good just like plecing kangkong. This ares dish is usually available at certain events such as weddings. How do you want to try it too?

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We would like to say that Lombok is the island with the most delicious food. So, you must come to Lombok island to taste the delicious Plecing Kangkong, Ares Vegetable Cook, and Taliwang Grilled Chicken. On Lombok Island, you will easily find delicious restaurants. Your trip must be complete by tasting all the food of Lombok, besides with other tourist trips in Lombok such as Lombok Beach, Merese Hill, to Mount Rinjani. The seriousness of the island of Lombok in developing its tourism can be seen from the availability of good public facilities, lodging, restaurants, and restaurants. Tour service providers on the island of Lombok are also good in terms of service. Parman Trekker is one of the best in guiding your tour on the island of Lombok to Mount Rinjani.

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