Facts About the RINJANI 100 Ultra Marathon Event

The Rinjani 100 Ultra event is an international sports tourism marathon located in Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok, Indonesia. The international event held every year successfully attracts hundreds of people from various countries to take part in this big event.

The Rinjani 100 event is not an ordinary event because of its unusual location. Where along the marathon running route lies the natural beauty of the Rinjani forest and the steep running terrain. That’s why this event is eagerly awaited by marathon lovers around the world.

Had a Vacuum for Several Years

The sports tourism event, Marathon Rinjani Ultra 100 was vacuumed for several years due to the earthquake and the Covid 19 pandemic a few years ago. After being successfully held again in 2022, the world-class marathon event was successfully held in 2023. Precisely for 3 days from May 26 to 28, 2023.

Rinjani Marathon Facts

The 100 ultra Rinjani Marathon running event has been eagerly awaited by running lovers around the world is a fact. In this event, running participants have the opportunity to get UTMB points. So what is meant by UTMB? Let’s review the full discussion below.

Lombok to Host World Sports Event

marathon runner reaches the finish line (photo: instagram/rinjani100ultra)

The Rinjani 100 Ultra Marathon running event is highly anticipated. This event, which is included in the international annual calendar, provides an atmosphere of running a marathon on a mountain. And, this big event was successfully held on Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok some time ago.

It should be noted, that the island of Lombok held many successful international events. Apparently, not only the Rinjani 100 marathon event was held on the island of Lombok. More proudly the island of Lombok hosts a world-class motorcycle racing championship, MotoGP. Lombok has the Mandalika circuit, a circuit for MotoGP racing that has a beach feel. Appreciation for the progress of Lombok Island as a tourist destination island.

The Most Beautiful Running Location

an amazing segara anak lake (photo: doc)

The marathon track in the Rinjani National Park area is the best marathon running track ever. Located on the Wallace Line, do not be surprised that this area is a meeting of fauna and flora from Asia and Australia. Species of fauna and flora in the forests of Mount Rinjani are more numerous and more unique.

Running a marathon while enjoying the beauty of nature is a pleasant experience. Where else can climbers enjoy such an atmosphere if not at this Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon event?

The Hardest Running Field

challenging running trails (photo: instagram/rinjani100ultra)

Running a marathon on rugged terrain in the jungle of Mount Rinjani National Park provides a different atmosphere. To run on rugged mountain terrain requires strong stamina, physique, and motivation to win.

Since the marathon route is quite energy-draining, climbers should do several small exercises as preparation. These include health checks, good food intake, and warming up. Also, checking personal equipment is a major concern. Wearing comfortable shoes, clothing, and personal medication are examples.

During the marathon, participants do not need to carry heavy carrier bags that are commonly carried by hikers. Other equipment to be carried during the marathon is a hydration bag with a minimum water capacity of 1.5 liters. Then bring a headlamp for night marathon lighting, an emergency blanket, a map, a whistle, and a bracelet with a location marker chip. Because the weather is very cold, you should wear a lightweight jacket and gloves.

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Various Race Categories

photo: instagram/rinjani100ultra

Participants from more than 30 countries participated in this big event. The marathon event called Rinjani 100 competes in 5 categories, namely 27 km, 36 km, 75 km, 119 km, and 162 km. However, to take part in certain categories must meet the qualifications of the committee. There are qualification standards that must be met to follow one of the categories.

For information, the Rinjani 100 Ultra Marathon event is very enthusiastic about marathon participants from all over the world. Why does that happen, because this event has UTMB certification points. This stands for Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, an indicator of proficiency and recognition of the ability of runners around the world. For Indonesians, the Rinjani 100 ultra event makes it easy for Indonesian runners to get points without having to participate in running events abroad.

Promotion of Lombok Tourism

rinjani hikers with parman trekker (photo:doc)

The sports tourism event, the Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon in the Rinjani forest area has successfully attracted local and foreign tourists. It was noted that visitors to Lombok to watch this championship increased dramatically. Meanwhile, without this marathon event alone, Mount Rinjani was recorded as a favorite place to climb. Especially with the Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon event.

An opportunity for the Lombok local government to promote tourism on the island of Lombok which is very famous for its natural beauty. Besides the island of Bali, who doesn’t know about the amazing island of Lombok?  World-class beach names such as Mandalika Beach, Pink Beach, Senggigi beach, and Semeti Beach. Everyone knows and wants to vacation to Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air which include the world-famous Gili islands. And who doesn’t love traditional Lombok food such as ayam taliwang, sayur ares and plecing kangkung. The beauty of Lombok is complemented by good infrastructure with the establishment of many resorts and 5-star hotels.

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Fully Supported By the Indonesian Government

The Indonesian Government, represented by the Minister of Tourism, strongly supports the implementation of this international event. Certainly, this event is the busiest event ever held in Indonesia. Not to mention the support of sponsors in support of this event.

The people of the island of Lombok, especially the people around the Mount Rinjani National Park, feel the direct impact of the increase in tourist visitors which has the potential to improve the economy of the surrounding community.  For marathon participants, it is a matter of pride that this event gets special attention so that it increases the enthusiasm of the participants.


Rinjani 100 ultra in 2023 has been successfully organized. Of course, the participants can’t wait for the next schedule. If there are no significant obstacles, the next Rinjani marvelous trail will be held from May 24 to 26, 2024. Launching information from the official Rinjani 100 committee, early registration has begun to open. For that, more often see information from the website or Instagram Rinjani 100 so as not to miss information.

As a Rinjani trekking specialist, we need to inform you that the beauty of the peak of rinjani is very beautiful. When else to climb Mount Rinjani without using a fairly heavy carrier bag because the climbers will reach the top with a marathon run? Arriving at the top of the mountain, the organizing committee will give a bracelet as a sign that the climber has reached the top.

Marathon events have advantages, of course, there are disadvantages too. The advantage of following the marathon is that there is no need to carry a carrier bag. While the disadvantage of participating in the Rinjani 100 marathon event is that there is not much time available to enjoy nature longer. Meanwhile, if you do it with the aim of camping, of course, the time to enjoy nature is even longer.


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