This Is The Real Picture! Colorful Rice Fields At Sembalun, Rinjani

The view of rice fields like a colorful puzzle is indeed real at the foot of the Rinjani hills, Sembalun sub-district, Lombok Island, Indonesia. Looking at this colorful rice field picture, it seems that we are not sure if it is a real picture.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is an agricultural country that has vast rice fields and plantations. However, finding such a colorful rice field model is something rare. So, Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun has become the most unique tourist destination in Lombok. on top of the peak, we can see a vast expanse of colorful rice fields.

The Beauty of Sembalun

Sembalun colorful rice fields (photo: ragam indonesia)

Sembalun is a district on the island of Lombok that has natural beauty and cultural wealth that is still preserved today. One of its cultures is the harvest maulid which is a form of gratitude for the abundant harvest of the earth.

Here too, we can see beautiful hills including Selong Hill and Pergasingan Hill. And there are many other hills that are no less beautiful.

From the top of the hills, we see the colorful rice fields that are viral on social media. The rice fields are planted with various food commodities, vegetables, and fruits. So no wonder from the top of the hill, the rice fields look colorful. Inside there is also a red strawberry garden that can be picked by yourself.

Rinjani Peak Hiking Trail

the peak of mount rinjani (photo: doc)

Sembalun is an area on Lombok Island hidden behind mountains and cliffs. Located in the Rinjani National Park, Sembalun is one of the routes or hiking trails to the top of Rinjani.

Meanwhile, other rinjani peak hiking trails are senaru trail, sembalun trail, torean trail, aik berik, timbanuh and tete batu trail. sembalun village is one of the most favored by hikers.

Like other trekking trails, Sembalun has challenging and quite steep climbing points. Although, this path is quite challenging the enthusiasm of enthusiasts from Sembalun is very much. The view of the expanse of savanna grass seems to erase the fatigue during the trip.

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Sembalun Is An Agro-Tourism Place

Sembalun Agro-Tourism (foto: Instagram/kedai_sawahsembalun)

During the trip, you will find rice fields and community-owned gardens where you can enjoy the beauty. Even if you want, you can pick the fruit from the gardens yourself. for example, such as the Kedai Sawah sembalun, or rice field shop in Sembalun Lombok which offers tours with the concept of agro or gardening. Visitors can enjoy fruits and vegetables at that time. Imagine parman trekker buddy, how does it feel to taste the fruit directly from the garden, It is very fresh isn’t it?

In addition, Sembalun is a culinary destination for Lombok specialties, where the raw materials are certainly fresher because the vegetables are picked by themselves. Such as kale, carrots, chili, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables.

Colorful Rice Fields in The Foothills

This colorful rice field is what makes Sembalun famous. From the top of the hills such as Pergasingan hill, we can see rice fields in red, yellow, green, blue, and other colors.  What facts are there in the colorful rice fields of Sembalun village? We will discuss it specifically for Parman trekker pals.

Inspired by Tea Gardens

on the hill of pergasingan, sembalun (photo: Instagram)

The colorful rice fields were inspired by the tea gardens in Java. If the island of Java is a vast expanse of tea gardens then the rice fields in Sembalun are more colorful.

Rice fields, vegetable fields, flower gardens, and fruit trees make colorful rice fields. When looking at it from the top of the hill, the view is like a wide carpet with colorful puzzles.

Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

Of course, the goal of tourists besides climbing is to hunt for beautiful photos. The colorful flower garden is the target of visitors to take pictures. In addition, taking pictures on the hill with colorful rice fields in the background is no less beautiful.

Sembalun is the place to take Instagramable photos. A paradise for photography lovers, this is the place to be. The corners of the Sembalun area are all worth immortalizing in a photo. Looks like Parman Trekker buddy must take pictures with your beloved family here. Immortalize it as a family photo collection.

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Buy and Vegetables Cheaper

hand-picked strawberries (photo: Instagram/kedai_sawahsembalun)

Rice fields and orchards are widely spread in Sembalun. In addition, this is a place for tourists to hunt for fresh fruits and vegetables. You can even pick your own fruit directly from the tree. Feel the sensation of fresh fruit flavor and pick fresh vegetables too.

Besides that, where else can you get fruit at a very affordable price? That’s because you pick it directly from the tree. You can deal directly with the farmer without having to buy it at the market.

The View of The Hills

agro-tourism spot, kedai sawah sembalun with hill view (photo: Instagram/kedai_sawahsembalun)

Sembalun is a beautiful area hidden behind Mount Rinjani and the beautiful hills that surround it. So along the way, you see the beauty of the hills.

Being in Sembalun feels like being in a beautiful paradise world, with fresh air, colorful rice fields, and the background of the surrounding hills.

The Traditional Village

Sembalun village is a traditional village famous for its traditional houses that are still preserved. Named Beleq Village, it is home to a wealth of culture, traditional houses, and ancient relics.

The indigenous people of Lombok highly value and respect their ancestors. The love for their culture is unquestionable.

Lombok cultures such as marriage, traditional houses, and religious ceremonial traditions are still preserved to this day. In addition, if we learn more about the culture of the people of Lombok, we will be amazed. Not to mention we see Lombok Songket, a work that is so complicated and has high artistic value.

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Lombok Island is an island famous for its beautiful beaches and Mount Rinjani. In addition, many villages and villages around Mount Rinjani such as Sembalun are no less beautiful.

As a settlement of local people, Sembalun is the location of rice fields, gardens, and vegetable fields that are wide and form colorful patterns seen from the top of the hill.

Not to mention, sembalun’s unique local wisdom. So with the richness of culture, it further emphasizes the reputation of the Rinjani National Park as a world-class tourist destination.

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