Timbanuh Rinjani Hiking Trail, Eldelweiss Flower Fields

Hiking Rinjani through the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail is no less cool because there are edelweiss fields. This hiking trail, known as the Southern Trail of Rinjani, is known as an extreme trail. Beginner hikers should be accompanied by an experienced Rinjani climbing guide.

As the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is so fascinating that it attracts many climbers from all over the country. Why not, because the landscape of Rinjani is a forest that is recognized as a world geopark.

To climb Mount Rinjani, climbers will go through official routes that have been set by the management of the Mount Rinjani National Park Agency. including the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail. Actually, this route is not so popular compared to other routes such as the Timbanuh hiking trail. But, you don’t need to worry because this climb is actually a very challenging path and has a very beautiful view.

Hike to Mount Rinjani

What is the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail like? After reading this article, we are sure you will consider climbing Rinjani via this southern trail.

Rinjani Trail with the Best View

Timbanuh is the name of a village in East Lombok. Lombok is an island that is always cool to explore every corner. Apart from having beautiful beaches, Lombok has the mesmerizing Mount Rinjani.

You should try climbing through the southern route of this rinjani which is no less beautiful. The summit of Plawangan Timbanuh is a very cool location for camping, taking pictures, and conducting gathering agendas with loved ones.

The Fastest Path to the Top of Rinjani

The entrance to the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail is at an altitude of 800 meters and we will travel to the top of Rinjani for 10.5 km. The fastest route to the top of Rinjani with an altitude of 3150 meters above sea level. The name of the southern peak of Mount Rinjani is called Orplas Peak.

For information, Mount Rinjani is a caldera that has mountain peaks. The highest peak of Rinjani is at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level. Although not at the highest peak, from Orplas peak we can see the highest peak of Rinjani more closely. A beautiful scenic backdrop when camping.

Compared to the Sembalun Rinjani hiking trail which covers a distance of 31.2 km, this southern Rinjani trail is indeed the fastest to the top of Rinjani. Suitable for leisurely climbers who don’t want to linger too long on the way.

Extreme Hiking

Hikers who want to go to Segara Anak Lake are not recommended through the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail. Because from the top of Plawangan Timbanuh to Lake Segara Anak must go down the mountain valley which is very extreme.

Segara Anak Lake is a lake located at the height of Rinjani around 2000 meters above sea level. The famous lake and the icon of the island of Lombok are indeed the main attractions on Mount Rinjani. To get here you have to go down to the top of Plawangan Timbanuh which is a fairly risky road. The steep cliffs are very dangerous for hikers.

If you really want to go to Segara Anak Lake, you should go through a safer route, namely the Sembalun Rinjani hiking trail.

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There is a View of Edelweiss Flowers

The uniqueness of Edelweiss flower (Photo: Digital Marketing Insight)

Edelweiss flower has a very deep philosophy because it has the nickname of the flower of love and eternity. To get this flower must be with a sacrifice that is not easy. Like, love that must be fought for, that’s how we get edelweiss flowers on Mount Rinjani.

Before reaching the Edelweiss flower field, you will walk through dense forests and rivers that have a clear flow. Where the water can be used for drinking and supplies for camping.

Through the Timbanuh Rinjani hiking trail, you will be spoiled with beautiful views of edelweiss flowers. It is as if this flower field welcomes your presence before you reach the top. How romantic is that? Your fatigue immediately disappears instantly with the view of this beautiful flower field.

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Rinjani Hiking Preparation

Conquering the peak of Rinjani must pay attention to equipment. You can’t just climb through the Timbanuh Rinjani route without preparation. As a Rinjani climbing specialist, the Parman Trekker team always educates climbers to make preparations. Our team will see the completeness and prepare everything before entering the Timbanuh hiking post door.

These preparations include clothes, shoes, camping equipment, raincoats, medicines, and other logistics. So that during the climbing trip, you are better prepared and do not encounter significant obstacles.

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Parman trekkers must pay attention to equipment and regulations during the ascent of Mount Rinjani in the Mount Rinjani National Park area. We always prioritize the comfort and safety of the climbers. So it is better to climb Mount Rinjani using the services of a professional Rinjani trekking guide.

All of that is already in Parman Trekker, a professional travel guide to the top of Rinjani who will guide your journey full of excitement with an ecological tourism approach. He has years of experience as a trekking partner to the top of Rinjani.

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