When mountain hiking in the rainy season, you should anticipate as early as possible. You have to relax even if the situation is beyond your capabilities. Maybe you have previously seen the weather forecast. However, the sky can suddenly turn cloudy and rain can come suddenly.

It is best to do hiking activities in the summer or dry season. For example, if you decide to hike Mount Rinjani in Lombok, then the best time to hike the mountain is around September to October. Because that month it enters the dry season it is safer for hikers.

Preparing for Rainy Mountain Situations

Preparing for the rain (photo: iNews)

Although it is in the dry season, the temperature at the height of the mountain is actually quite cold. Then what if accompanied by rain and wind? Then you must immediately get ready so as not to experience hypothermic conditions.

The following are steps you should take when mountain hiking in the rainy season. hopefully, this article is useful for those who want to go to Mount Rinjani in the near future.

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Check Your Health Before Hiking

Do a health check when going to hike the mountain. it is important to check your health before hiking the mountain. even the manager of Mount Rinjani requires hikers to attach a health certificate. it is merely to ensure that the climbers are in prime condition when hiking.

Getting a health certificate is quite easy actually. you can use the services of a professional Rinjani hiking guide. and they will help you complete the climbing requirements and logistical needs of hikers

Bring a Raincoat

illustration of a rain jacket and bag protector (photo: Eiger)

In addition to protecting your clothes and belongings, a coat can reduce the cold when it rains.
The function of a rain jacket is so important that this one piece of equipment should never be left behind.

A wide rain jacket has an equally important function. Hikers, sometimes make a raincoat as a makeshift tent to shelter from the rain. This is usually done by creative hikers.

Bring a Change of Clothes

Bringing a minimal stock of clothes is never a good idea. Bring enough spare clothes. How many changes of clothes should you bring when hiking up Mount Rinjani?

You should bring at least four pairs of clothes when hiking. One pair of clothes is worn during the trip. then, the other two pairs are kept for backup if the previous clothes are wet due to rain or used to swim in Segara Anak Lake. And one clothes for preparation to change in case of emergency.

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Don’t Stop Keep Walking

equipment that you must bring when hiking (photo: afifahhaq)

We will travel approximately 30 km if we go through the Sembalun Rinjani hiking trail. the journey is certainly very tiring especially when the situation is rainy. Deciding to stop for a long time is a bad idea.

Take sufficient rest and continue the journey wearing a raincoat. if you stop you will risk hypothermia. If the fatigue is unbearable and the rain is so heavy, immediately set up a tent and rest in it. it is to reduce the cold while in the mountains.

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Prepare Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have many uses. they can be used to store dirty or wet clothes. they can also be used to carry food. and they can be used as temporary trash cans.

Besides, these plastic bags can also be used to protect your electronic equipment such as cell phones and flashlights. so that when it rains, your electronic equipment is safer and avoids the risk of being exposed to water.

Wear Strong Shoes

strong mountain shoes (photo: Eiger)

Mount Rinjani hiking terrain becomes more slippery when it rains. Hence, you should wear sturdy shoes to deal with such situations.

Moreover, the structure of the Rinjani hike is more diverse. There are savannas, forests, river paths, and extremely steep roads.

Strong mountaineering shoes have a significant role to play in the smooth success of your hike in the Rinjani National Park. thus giving you a sense of security from the risk of injury during the hike.


This is our discussion as Rinjani Trekking Specialists. The experience of the Parman Trekker team has been proven by the number of local and international climbers who have successfully reached the top of Rinjani 3726 meters above sea level.

The situation of hiking while in rainy conditions is a familiar condition. our team is very ready to face rainy and cold situations while on Mount Rinjani. Because our equipment and logistics are quite complete.

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