Sembalun Seven Summit Adventure in Lombok

Lombok Island, Indonesia, has an event with the concept of Sembalun Seven Summit with the seven highest peaks, where one of them is Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level. Due to its height, it is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia.

Because of its natural beauty, nature lovers make this area a tourist destination as well as a place for sports tourism events for expert climbers to beginner climbers. In addition to the peak of Rinjani, the other six peaks are very mesmerizing which makes anyone chuckle because of the beauty of the peak.

Sembalun Trekking

Mount Rinjani trekkers are very familiar with the Sembalun trail. Which is one of the trekking routes to Mount Rinjani. The Sembalun hiking tour route is a favorite route of trekkers because it is included in the closest route to the top of Rinjani. The climbing route with views of the grass stretches wide and pine trees.

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Sport Tourism Sembalun

In addition to the Sembalun Seven Summit event, there is also another sport tourism-themed event, Rinjani 100. The event with the concept of a sports trail was successful in attracting tourists. With a distance of 27 km to 100 km, it successfully attracted participants from dozens of countries. In addition, Rinjani 100 is included in the calculation of international points with UTMB certification.

Meanwhile, Sembalun Seven Summit is an event initiated in 2020 that also has the concept of sport tourism in the form of trail training. The concept is that participants will conquer 7 peaks where 3 peaks are in the Rinjani National Park. The three highest peaks are the peak of Rinjani, 3726 meters above sea level. Then the second is the peak of the Gedong valley hill with an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. And the third is the peak of Kondo Hill with an altitude of 1937 meters above sea level. Incredible isn’t it trekker friend?

Peaks in Sembalun Seven Summit

How interesting is the peak at Sembalun Seven Summit? Each peak has a different character. For example, Pergasingan Hill has a very beautiful natural scenery. then, Sempana Hill which is very similar to Teletubbies Hill. The hill that became the location of one of the children’s cartoon series, the Teletubbies Hill.

Nonetheless, trekkers must maintain caution because some trails have steep climbs. Therefore, vigilance in traveling remains the main thing, trekker friend.

So, what are the peaks in Sembalun Seven Summit? Let’s review trekker friends.

Rinjani Peak

The Peak of Mount Rinjani (photo: doc)

The peak with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level is the first highest peak in Sembalun Seven Summit.

Rinjani Peak is the second-highest volcanic peak in Indonesia. It has an extraordinary charm and pride when conquering it.

many entrances to the top of Rinjani. among the most popular is the entrance through Sembalun village. because from here, many other natural destinations are no less great. we will visit a lake above the height of the Rinjani caldera. the name of the lake is Segara Anak Lake.

Sempana Peak

Sempana Peak looks like a Teletubbies hill (photo: NTB Provincial Tourism Office)

Peak with an altitude of 2329 meters above sea level, Sempana is the second highest peak.

This hilltop reminds us of the children’s movie, Teletubis. The structure of the hill consists of a vast expanse of savanna forest. In this place, we can also find many kinds of flora and fauna typical of Rinjani.

Gedong Valley Peak

peak of gedong valley (photo: kumparan/Harley Sastha)

With an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, Gedong Valley Peak is the third highest peak in Sembalun Seven Summit.

Condo Peak

kondo peak illustration (photo: kompas)

With an altitude of 1937 meters above sea level, Kondo Peak offers extraordinary beauty.

Anak Dara Peak

anak dara peak illustration (photo: instagram/jepretlombok)

1923 meters above sea level, If this peak is very famous for its sunrise and sunset views, parman trekker friend. there is no hill more beautiful than this one hill to enjoy the sunset.

With a dense forest area, it is certain that hikers will not feel hot when climbing during the day.
In addition, when we reach the top of the Anak Dara hill, we will find a very wide and beautiful savanna expanse. a good location for camping.

Pergasingan Peak

rice field view at the peak of Pergasingan Hill (photo: @irfantepong)

1805 meters above sea level, Sembalun Seven Summit this one has an iconic view. Most different from other peaks.

From the top of the hill, you will see colorful rice fields. And above this, you can also enjoy paragliding. Not only that, this place is an area for camping activities.

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Bao Ritip Peak

Bao Ritip Peak is the lowest peak among the others. With an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, Bao Peak is truly charming. Bao Ritip Peak is located to the east of Sembalun Caldera. It takes 4 hours for professional climbers and 6-7 hours for regular climbers.

Getting to the top of the Bao Ritip is through a variety of forests, ranging from giant timber forests to vast savannah forests.

The struggle to get to this forest is also not easy, but very enjoyable. if you are lucky, you will find the native fauna of the Rinjani forest, the “Celetuk Rinjani” bird.


All of the Sembalun Seven Summits are sports tourism events that most successfully attract tourists to try the height of the peak.

In addition to sports purposes, of course, what climbers are looking for here is a beautiful hilly atmosphere and enjoying the fresh air of the hills. Furthermore, taking pictures in this area is an agenda that should not be forgotten, trekker friend.

What are you waiting for trekker friend, we are waiting for you anytime as soon as you are ready to conquer the peak of Rinjani. As a Rinjani trekking specialist, our team understands what you need. In addition to conquering rinjani, we want to also provide education about the rinjani forest and the species of flora and fauna that live here. Experience as a world-class trekking organizer, Parman Trekker is ready to give you an unforgettable experience.

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