Rinjani Trekking Tips Tricks

Rinjani Trekking Tips Tricks Before the hike, put a plaster/band-aid on your big toes and small/pinky toes since these are the parts that are prone to blisters. By putting a plaster over it, you’re protecting it from developing blisters later on. You’ll thank to me later.

Bring sufficient high-calorie snacks. And eat a good breakfast before each trek.

Request trekking poles. We had never trekked with poles before but they were indispensable for this trip. They’ll help keep you upright through the sandy, slippery slopes and will save your knees after hours of steep descents.

Be prepared. The trail will probably be harder than you think. Take your time, stopping every few steps to catch your breath if you need to. If you just keeping taking the next step and then the next, you will eventually make it to the top.

Be OK with not summiting. Don’t be ashamed to say “no” to the sunrise summit trek. Plenty of people don’t go up! If the first day nearly killed you, stay in your tent and rest. There is plenty of exciting hiking to come without risking injury or exhaustion just to see the summit.

Don’t get too cocky on the descent. The trail down is steep and precarious. It’s easy to slip and fall and even easier to injure your knees. Just because the porters are running down the trail in flip-flops doesn’t mean you have to do it too!

Be respectful. Try to stay aware on the trail, even when you’re exhausted. Let faster hikers go by you and always move over for porters. Remember, they are working while you are there for fun!

Don’t add to the Rinjani litter problem. It’s no secret that there is a lot of garbage on Mount Rinjani. Bring a ziplock bag with you and please pack out your own toilet paper, baby wipes, cigarette butts and other personal garbage. If you want to do more, bring a garbage bag and pick up rubbish along the trail.

Last but not least, pack SUPER lightly!  Don’t bring ANYTHING extra.

So Rinjani Trekking Tips Tricks Before the hike and trekking to Mount Rinjani Lombok