Rinjani Trekking Price for Open Trip in 2023

Before starting the climb to Mount Rinjani, you probably need to consider the right agency to help. They will manage your itinerary and give you a special guide. Before choosing, it is better to know some references of Rinjani trekking prices. Get to know the following open trip to Mount Rinjani with Rinjani Trekking Specialist.

Rinjani Trekking Specialist provides an open trip to Mount Rinjani in 2023 at an affordable price. For those who are interested in climbing this second-highest volcano in Indonesia, you can take this open trip. We provide Rinjani trekking prices that are suitable for your budget. With a low budget, you can trek with a group of 14 people, 2 guides, and 8 porters.

The minimum reservation is 2 pax then you will meet each other in Senaru Village as the meeting point. There, you will have an explanation of the trekking trip from our guide. Below is the itinerary for the open trip to Mount Rinjani. Pay your full attention before taking this good opportunity.

Rinjani Trekking Price for 4 Days 3 Nights Open Trip

The itinerary of the open trip to Mount Rinjani is:

  • Day 1: Lombok Airport Drop to Senaru Village and Waterfall Tour.

The pick-up place is around Lombok islands such as Lombok International Airport, Mataram City, Senggigi Beach, Lembar Harbour, Bangsal Harbour, or Kayangan Lombok Harbour. Then you will be dropped in Senaru village homestay. You will stay for one night before trekking.


  • Day 2: Mount Rinjani Trekking from Sembalun Crater.

On day 2, you should wake up earlier in the morning around 6 am then get breakfast at 6.30 am in your homestay. Then you will start leaving around 7 am to Sembalun village as the starting point of hiking. By crossing this route, you will walk through a savanna along the way to the Sembalun crater rim.

  • Day 3: Arriving at the Highest Point

On day 3, you will wake up earlier in the morning around 2 am to hike again. Before leaving, the porter will prepare light food and a hot drink. There are three parts that you will walk through, which first is steeper than the second part. You should be careful on the second part where there is a trail wide 1-3 m. At 6 am you will arrive at the highest point of Mount Rinjani.

  • Day 4: Segara Anak Lake to Torean Village

After having breakfast and packing your luggage, you will start an amazing track on the Torean Route. Along the way, you will be presented with various amazing views including Susu Goa, Goa Urip, etc. Then you will have lunch in the tropical forest Birisan Jackfruit. After that, you will walk down to Torean village and check out to get back to the airport.

Those are the open trip itinerary that you will get by paying the Rinjani trekking price. The price tag for the open trip to Mount Rinjani in 2023 starts from USD 150/pax. Reach Rinjani Trekking Specialist, to get the special offering from us. You will have the best experience of trekking with our companions.

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